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Timely, reliable information is critical to managing projects. Project managers need a means of delivering information to team members, corporate managers, and customers that is:

  • Consolidated and complete, including both product and project management information.
  • Current and controlled, assuring all users that information is the latest and best.
  • Secure, assuring that only approved users have access to only approved information.
  • Global, available to all locations worldwide.

To accomplish this, project managers need access to relevant project information and means to deliver it quickly to all who need to know.

IMSI project websites help our clients' project managers project better information sooner. IMSI has essential resources to meet associated challenges.

  • Our consulting services identify what information is required by whom and when.
  • Our PMnet project website software provides a shell which is customized to client requirements.
  • Our PMbase project controls complement traditional project management systems and in-house systems to provide required data.

IMSI project websites provide solutions to information challenges that are easy to implement and use.

Project websites provide better information for decision-making when and where required. They avoid incomplete and incorrect communications that cause avoidable delays and costs.

They enable project managers and systems integrators to manage globally.

IMSI services assure that project websites are developed by experts who know web technology and how it can be applied to real world projects.

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