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Project managers are asked to meet both project and product requirements. Product requirements are defined here as function, performance, reliability, durability, cost, and other physical attributes identified by customers, corporations and relevant regulatory agencies. To assure that products meet these requirements, project management must:

  • Define complete product level requirements without needless design and technology constraints.
  • Help development teams to cascade these to (sub)systems and identify interface requirements.
  • Assure that designs meet or serve to improve requirements.
  • Make design decisions in the correct order and as late as practical.
  • Maintain a "systems view" to avoid requirement and design sub-optimization.
  • Assure that products meet requirements using efficient, effective validation planning.

To accomplish this, project management needs to plan product development with sound systems engineering methodology. They need disciplined approach to maintaining requirements and assuring design and product compliance.

IMSI systems engineers help our clients meet these challenges. They work with engineers to:

  • Facilitate requirements definition and cascade; coordinate system interfaces.
  • Incorporate sound systems engineering methodologies into product development processes.
  • Orchestrate design reviews and follow-ups.
  • Plan and track product verification and validation activities.
  • Prepare trade and alternative studies.

They ensure that product success and project success do not become mutually exclusive.

IMSI systems engineers make our clients' technical teams better prepared to deliver better designs.

Systems engineering reduces project costs. Clearer requirements reduce design rework and make technology decisions less painful. Better verification and validation planning help reduce prototypes, tests, and associated costs. IMSI systems engineers remove burden from project teams. They help avoid the large costs of developing and maintaining in-house resources.

Systems engineering reduces product costs. By optimizing across systems, lower total cost can be achieved. IMSI systems engineers remain objective. They assure that decisions are information driven, that manufacturing input into product design is not optional.

Better yet, better products increase revenues.

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