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Managing product development projects requires project management to:

  • Translate product and project requirements into a form useful to project teams.
  • Maintain consistency in requirements as changes occur.
  • Facilitate teams' planning and management activities.
  • Help teams coordinate work that is -- by its nature -- evolutionary, iterative, and uncertain.
  • Hold timely project reviews where technical and business decisions are made together.
  • Encourage early problem identification and resolution.
  • Keep customers; corporate and functional management; and project teams informed.

To accomplish this, project management needs to develop and maintain project plans and the controls required to assure compliance. They need to create a disciplined "machine" with good processes and "oil" it with good information, well delivered.

IMSI's Turnkey Support provides client product development project managers with:

  • Business processes that assure complete, consistent project planning and management of the product development cycle.
  • Complete project control systems based on methods that conform to nature of product development work.
  • Complete reporting systems that enable teams at different sites to work together electronically.
  • Professional planners and managers that understand relevant product and manufacturing content and technologies.

Turnkey Support assures that evolving project requirements are met during development phases.

Clients' critical projects are well managed now. The staff remains objective, clearly assessing and reporting issues and impacts. They remove burden from project teams.

As a complete solution, Turnkey Support helps our clients avoid the large costs of developing and maintaining associated resources.

Better management reduces project and product costs.

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