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While cross-functional teams review designs being displayed electronically, engineers and designers identify conflicts within and between systems. Teams need to assure that issues are resolved fast enough to drive designs, not chase them.

To accomplish this, project managers need access to relevant project information and means to deliver it quickly to all who need to know.

Conflicts are captured in clear, actionable terms. They are recorded in IMSI's PMbase/Issues Module and electronically tagged to the drawing.

The database displays entries by drawing, by issue owner, by action owner, by priority, by due date, available to all team members everywhere. IMSI planners use the database to drive and record resolutions. No issue is removed until resolution is secured.

IMSI project websites provide solutions to information challenges that are easy to implement and use.

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By posting issues and actions instantly, visibility is maintained during and after design reviews. Related issues can be considered in context of others impacting the same drawing. As a result, they are resolved earlier and better.

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