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PMO Implementation
Through IMSI's PMO Support, our clients can concentrate on their strategic and technical performance and leave tactical project management to IMSI experts. This support complements existing account and technical management functions and provides:

  • Complete project management processes
  • Complete project control systems and websites
  • Self-directed teams of professional planners and managers
  • Project Websites

Our clients' project teams are enabled by clearer requirements and interfaces with others. Issues and changes are managed objectively without the real or perceived bias of organizational “alignment”. Clients also avoid costs of developing and maintaining in-house processes, systems and staffs.

Custom Project Websites help all teams get connected and collaborate on critical and fast moving projects. We develop Project websites that are database-driven such that content is updated dynamically. New team members can immediately know the project status and where they fit in.

Our clients use Project Management Offices to refine processes and systems which can later be transitioned to in-house staff and to support projects for which in-house resources may be inadequate.

PM Systems Consulting
IMSI enables our clients to reengineer and streamline how their projects are managed. Senior project managers with industry-specific experience design and implement:

  • Processes that provide clear, consistent roadmaps for planning, managing, and completing work
  • Planning methods and systems that provide useful models of project performance
  • training plans that assure well equipped teams

Our clients are assured that improvements are well conceived and executed. They avoid the time and cost of associated errors and omissions.

IMSI project teams use industry standard software packages adapted for client needs. Today robust web-based systems PM, customized for client needs, allow clients and contractor teams working across different geographical locations to work seamlessly including:

  • Single point access to all project process and procedure documents and reports
  • Process Templates and Controlled Processes
  • Time sheet entry and tracking
  • Weekly and monthly progress reports
  • Project and Quality dashboards

PM Staffing
IMSI’s PM Staffing Services allow clients to request qualified project management professionals at short notice. Our people have “in-the-trenches” experience.

IMSI people are trained in fundamentals and advanced techniques and are PMP certified. They have been chosen based on their personality to fit into any client situation.

Our staff maintains expertise in popular project management systems including:

  • Microsoft Project™
  • Primavera™ Project Planner
  • Artemis Views™
  • Niku™ (Clarity)

We use a multi-phase process to thoroughly evaluate candidates and provide highly qualified PM professionals. We also screen candidates for personality, motivation, work ethic, initiative and communication skills.

IMSI continuously trains and coaches its people and communicates with them fully via newsletters and regular visits. We incorporate voice of the customer feedback in performance discussions.

PM training
IMSI training equips our clients' teams to execute projects as planned. Seasoned project management professionals adapt and deliver training for:

  • Project Management Fundamentals: Basic Planning
  • Project Management Fundamentals: Advanced Planning
  • Project Management Fundamentals: Resource Planning
  • Project Management Overview: PM Overview
  • Project Management Professional: (PMP) exam preparation (11 modules)
  • MS Project: (Phases 1 to 3, can be held onsite)

The training is practical, useful, timely and avoids the cost of maintaining in-house training staff and materials.

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