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Module 1: Core Java Training
Introduction to Java
Language features, Control statements, Data types in Java, Arrays, Scope of variables, OOPs concepts - Constructors, Garbage collection, Function overloading, Inheritance, Function overriding, Polymorphism, Use of static, abstract and final, Inner classes, Interfaces, Creating & using Packages, Visibility modifiers, Wrapper classes

The Collections Framework
The Collection interfaces, collection classes, Working with Maps & Sets

Types of exceptions, Exception classes' hierarchy, Using try, catch and finally blocks, Creating custom exceptions

Multithreaded Programming
Multithreading Vs. Multitasking, Creating a thread, Assigning threads name & priorities, Common functions of thread, Life cycle of a Thread, Synchronization, Inter thread Communication.

Java I/O classes, The File class, The Byte streams,' The Character oriented Streams

Standalone Vs. Web based development, Creating a simple Applet, Applet architecture & its life cycle, The HTML <APPLET> Tag, Passing parameters to an applet, Common method of Applets, Inter applet communication, Working with images & audio clips

Features of Swing, Swing Component architec ture comparison with AWT, Basic Swing Components & Containers, Working with Borders, Understanding MVC architecture, working with menus, Advanced controls.

Module 2: Advanced Java Training
Introduction to DBMS & RDBMS, Open Database Connectivity a historic perspective, JDBC Drivers type I, II, III and IV., Loading JDBC driver and creating a connection, Application Layer Vs. Driver Layer, Calling stored procedures, Transaction processing

Remote Method Invocation
What is RMI, Steps in creating a Remote object~ Generating Stud & Skeleton, The RMI Architecture understanding the Remote Reference Layer, Implementing RMI callbacks

Introduction to servlet, using different types of servlet classes and interfaces, life cycle of servlet, introduction to SingleThread Model, processing request and response, accessing database using JDBC, session tracking, servlet chaining, servIet tunneling , inter servIet communication.

Directive, Scriptlet, JSP tag, Designing Java Beans, JSTL, Expression language.

Tag Libraries
Tag extension basic, Anatomy of Tag extension, Deploying of Tag Library, Custom Tag Extension, Tag Library descriptors.

Module 3: Enterprise Java & Weblogic
Three Tier Application Architecture
Introduction. Problems with two tier architecture.

Introduction of Struts, advantages of Struts, application of Struts.

Enterprise Java Beans
Session Bean (stateless / stateful), Entity Bean, Message Driven Bean, local interface.

Introduction & Need of Java Naming & Directory Interface.

(Java Transaction API) ACID properties, distributed transaction, bean managed transaction & container managed transaction, transaction related methods &interfaces, suspending and committing the transaction.

(Java Messaging Services) Topic & Queue, Publisher & Subscriber. Security Introduction to Security, defining & creating the Roles, Users & Groups, assigning method permissions.

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